Wired Jersey Resume

Stephanie Marie Schieder

73 Oak Glen Rd, Toms River NJ 08753    732-814-9858     schieders1@montclair.edu


Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ

College of the Arts, Communications and Media Arts Major, Film Minor

  • Expected Graduation: B.A. May 2018
  • Major GPA: 3.8, Overall GPA: 3.6 Dean’s List

Wired Jersey (News Production Lab Course)

News Anchor for Wired in 90                                       February 2, March 16, and April 13, 2017

  • Worked with the Executive Producers to finalize a script.
  • Read from a teleprompter at a steady pace.
  • Utilized various facial and vocal expressions while reading.
  • Anchored for both a live and prerecorded runs of the show.

Executive Producer for Wired in 90                                  February 23 and March 23, 2017

  • Collaborated with classmates on campus related news stories.
  • Worked with a designated producing partner to write a script consisting of 5 to 6 news stories with graphics.
  • Met with professor, Mark Effron for approval and necessary changes.
  • Worked with the news anchor to ensure familiarity.
  • Timed out various rehearsals to ensure the segment ran 90 seconds.

Video News Piece                                                                                           February 2017

  • Prepared a verbal then written pitch of “Limitless” (the story of Amy the dancer who is going blind).
  • Interviewed Amy and her father, Mark on camera using a Sony Ex-1.
  • Attended Amy’s classes as well as met with her solo for b-roll dance footage.
  • Collected stills of Amy’s childhood from her parents.
  • Wrote several drafts of a script and sent each to Mark Effron for approval then made necessary changes.
  • Edited the piece using Avid. 

Teleprompter Operator                                                                                       March 2017

  • Maintained a steady pace following the anchor’s speed.
  • Worked in a control room setting.
  • Listened to director cues over a headset. 

Multimedia Piece                                                                                               March 2017

  • Pitched a story idea on ESA therapy dogs.
  • Interviewed two different student ESA handers on camera.
  • Interviewed one student over the phone for audio clips.
  • Met up with the handlers for a photo shoot using a Canon t6i.
  • Edited the video clips using Avid.
  • Wrote the body of the story with several drafts making necessary changes.