A [Wo]Man’s Best Friend

Meet Bradley Cooper, a very photogenic and friendly member of Montclair State University’s community. Bradley is just like your average college student, he sits patiently through homework time, goes to work, enjoys sitting in the Student Center Quad, and looks forward to retreating back his dorm at the end of a long day.

He has a very important duty here at MSU, as he is an Emotional Support Animal, commonly referred to as an ESA. Dogs are the most common, however, any animal providing therapeutic assistance for a mental illness can be an ESA. Bradley’s accompaniment is formally recognized by both medical professionals and university administrators as a necessity to his handler, Chiara LaFazia’s daily activities.

“My life has done a 180, Bradley showed me that I can be grounded and safe. He helps my brain not to perceive the whole world as a threat like it used to.”– Chiara LaFazia

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Are Hawk Crossings Apartments At Montclair State Really Haunted?

Overlooking the Montclair State University campus, high up on a hill, sits the historical landmark known as the Van Reyper-Bond House. Built in 1872, and kept well preserved since, the house’s American gothic architecture, is historically beautiful, yet rather eerie looking.

Below that hill rests the campus of Montclair State University, GO RED HAWKS! Yes we all have school spirit here, but with all that pride, let us not forget the spirits who, for lack of a better word, were crushed when our campus was built. Legend has it that MSU was constructed on top of an old Indian burial ground. Many have reported odd noises from many different buildings and strange sightings in the woods surrounding the campus after dark.

Perhaps the most haunted part of the campus is Hawk Crossings Apartments. The three buildings making up this upperclassmen resident hall were built in the 1970s and previously known as the Clove Road Apartments. Since then, reports of flickering lights, shaking doors, shadow like apparitions, and “unearthly” noises all contributed MSU landing a spot on many lists naming “Haunted College Campuses.”

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Fin Raw Bar & Kitchen in Montclair

Enjoy the tastes of land and sea at Fin, stationed in the heart of Montclair’s shopping district.

Just in time for the warmer months ahead, Fin Raw Bar & Kitchen is opening up their third New Jersey location. This seafood restaurant first opened in October 2011. It is now thriving in both the Montclair and Summit locations, so much so that a Fin on the beach is in the works. This new location is set in Long Branch with expectations to open in summer 2017. So what about this local seafood restaurant is yielding so much success?

Affordability. Prices at Fin certainly keep patrons’ wallets in mind. Menu items range from around $10 – $30, which is reasonable for an upscale seafood restaurant in a prime location. Fingenerously offers half price oysters every Tuesday; so be prepared for the dinner rush on certain days. Aside from the dinner menu, a large selection of bottled wines is available, starting at less than $20 a bottle.

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Nauna’s Brings Italy to Montclair

Nauna’s Bella Casa has been serving homemade pizza and Italian cuisine since 1986!

From quick grab it and go items like pizza, to fine dining, Nauna’s Bella Casa serves it all to perfection. Guests are invited to have a taste of homemade Italian cuisine locally and affordably. No matter what the occasion, Nauna’s Bella Casa provides the food and location for a deliciously, memorable evening.

Nauna’s Bella Casa has an extensive menu with over 15 types of specialty and artisan pies. Aside from pizza, there are endless pasta and dinner options. There is truly something for everyone as Nauna’s serves both gluten-free and vegan options. The chefs are proud to announce that they now fry with zero trans fat oil. All menu items are available for in-house dining or for delivery.

“They have such a large selection and their food was really good,” said customer, Melyssa Laycock. “Their pizza was nice and crisp and not too oily.”

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Moe Will Be At Wellmont Theater on March 30

Get your tickets for moe.’s one night event.

Moe (often seen as moe. for stylistic reasons) is playing at Montclair’s Wellmont Theater later this month. This progressive rock band comes straight from New York, bringing their signature sound to our local venue. The show is Thursday, March 30 at 8 p.m. This is a one-night event, so get your tickets now. Expect to be amazed by new trends in rock music.

moe.’s style is that of a jam-band, as their music combines classic rock with personal artistic choices and experimentation. The band started out playing at a local bar in Buffalo, N.Y., in 1989. Since then, moe. has headlined at Radio City Music Hall, toured the globe and played countless music festivals. They have even shared the stage with artists like The Who and The Allman Brothers.

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Amanti Vino: Local and Affordable Artisanal Wine

Reward your palate with the fine taste of artisanal wine, beer and spirits for sale in your own backyard with Montclair’s Amanti Vino.

Nothing beats the selection of affordably priced wine, beer and spirits atAmanti Vino. With over 200 bottles under $20 and over 900 wines from all different countries, the boutique is sure to have a flavor that will satisfy every palette. Proprietor Sharon Sevrens opened Amanti Vinoteca in 2005 and since then, it has received a surplus of media attention.

Why all the hype? Amanti Vino is not your typical spirits store. Here, customers can take classes, participate in wine tastings, attend special events and so much more. Amanti Vino is located right in front of the boutique and offers outdoor seating for customers to sip their wine or beer while enjoying the artisanal cheeses and crackers sold at Amanti Vino.

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Bala Natural Skin Care: Organic, High Quality and Local

Give your skin what it really needs to feel rejuvenated with Bala Natural’s facial and threading services in the great town of Montclair.

Bala Natural Skin Care is a family-owned salon stationed locally in Montclair. Looking for some much needed relaxation? Facials are the perfect way to rejuvenate your body and give you that glowing look you desire. Bala Natural Skin Care offers packages for exfoliating, moisturizing and toning your skin. Visitors are guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed!

“The salon is very high end,” said beauty expert and threading artist, Sonal Parekh. “All of our products are organic.”

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All You Need Is Love

How endless support and encouragement saves lives.

September celebrates Suicide Prevention Week from the 5th until the 11th! In honor of those struggling and recovering from depression, anxiety, self-harm, and addiction, I would like to shine light on two organizations that I hold dear to my heart; To Write Love On Her Arms and Delta Xi Delta Sorority.

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”  -William Shakespeare

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