A [Wo]Man’s Best Friend

Meet Bradley Cooper, a very photogenic and friendly member of Montclair State University’s community. Bradley is just like your average college student, he sits patiently through homework time, goes to work, enjoys sitting in the Student Center Quad, and looks forward to retreating back his dorm at the end of a long day.

He has a very important duty here at MSU, as he is an Emotional Support Animal, commonly referred to as an ESA. Dogs are the most common, however, any animal providing therapeutic assistance for a mental illness can be an ESA. Bradley’s accompaniment is formally recognized by both medical professionals and university administrators as a necessity to his handler, Chiara LaFazia’s daily activities.

“My life has done a 180, Bradley showed me that I can be grounded and safe. He helps my brain not to perceive the whole world as a threat like it used to.”– Chiara LaFazia

Read the whole story here…


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