Fin Raw Bar & Kitchen in Montclair

Enjoy the tastes of land and sea at Fin, stationed in the heart of Montclair’s shopping district.

Just in time for the warmer months ahead, Fin Raw Bar & Kitchen is opening up their third New Jersey location. This seafood restaurant first opened in October 2011. It is now thriving in both the Montclair and Summit locations, so much so that a Fin on the beach is in the works. This new location is set in Long Branch with expectations to open in summer 2017. So what about this local seafood restaurant is yielding so much success?

Affordability. Prices at Fin certainly keep patrons’ wallets in mind. Menu items range from around $10 – $30, which is reasonable for an upscale seafood restaurant in a prime location. Fingenerously offers half price oysters every Tuesday; so be prepared for the dinner rush on certain days. Aside from the dinner menu, a large selection of bottled wines is available, starting at less than $20 a bottle.

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