Amanti Vino: Local and Affordable Artisanal Wine

Reward your palate with the fine taste of artisanal wine, beer and spirits for sale in your own backyard with Montclair’s Amanti Vino.

Nothing beats the selection of affordably priced wine, beer and spirits atAmanti Vino. With over 200 bottles under $20 and over 900 wines from all different countries, the boutique is sure to have a flavor that will satisfy every palette. Proprietor Sharon Sevrens opened Amanti Vinoteca in 2005 and since then, it has received a surplus of media attention.

Why all the hype? Amanti Vino is not your typical spirits store. Here, customers can take classes, participate in wine tastings, attend special events and so much more. Amanti Vino is located right in front of the boutique and offers outdoor seating for customers to sip their wine or beer while enjoying the artisanal cheeses and crackers sold at Amanti Vino.

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