10 Reasons Why You Should Work At A Haunted Attraction This October

Looking for a job? Consider applying to be a scare actor!

1. Professionals do your hair and make up for you before work.

Relax as very talented make up artists transform your face into that of the undead with the use of prosthetics and air brush guns. There’s nothing like having a personal stylist; whether they’re pampering you in glam make up, or FX make up! The time spent in that chair is dedicated to you and making you look your best.

2. You have permission to take your anger out on guests.

What better way to unleash your built up stress and anger than by screaming? Even better, screaming at someone! Stomp, growl, grunt, yell, do what you please to release that frustration. There’s no other job where “angry resting face” is welcomed.

Read reasons 1-10 here…

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